Films are the memories of our lifetime. They can touch our hearts and arouse our vision, changing the way we see things. Films take us to other places that can open doors and minds. We need to keep them alive. Matthouse Productions shows us an informative course of action in step by step independent filmmaking. For the past few years, our mission has been to bring incredible life changing stories told with passion to motion pictures. It could be a film exposing teen sex trafficking, a film examining domestic violence in a relationship, or a film merely showing things that are relevant to our everyday life starring mature actors.

Matthouse Productions was founded by our Executive Producer Mathias “Matt” Hardeman in year 2017. Matt developed an interest in becoming an actor and entertainer at the age of 5 when he had his first debut as a character in an elementary school stage play. He now takes his passion for acting and writing to the big stage of movie producing for millions to see around the world. Our company believes in creating compelling and thought provoking content that will stir the inner conscience of mankind, to invoke a better present and or future for themselves!!!!