Post Connection

“I like to share a quote from Henry Ford with my young producers: ‘Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.’ In production, we are always going to have obstacles in our way. They pop up more than pimples on a teenager. Keep your eye on the prize, and do whatever it takes to make great work.”
Tony Wallace, VP/Executive Producer
Leo Burnett/Chicago
The #1 thing every broadcast producer should be good at is communication. Being able to assess the wants of the client, the creative team, and the production vendor and getting everyone on the same page is imperative. This doesn’t just mean getting the right people in the same room talking to each other. It also means listening and understanding the implications of that communication. If you can take what is given to you now and turn it into an actionable future, then you will be successful.”
Sara Martin, Associate Content Producer
Ogilvy | Chicago
The #1 rule for me in working on a commercial is that it is always about the work first. All other aspects evolve around that. I strive to take what is on paper (the script) and make it better. This is reflected in the budgeting as well; working to make the money reflected in what is seen on the screen. Go about this with passion and heart, inspire others and success will follow. And have fun!”
Harvey Lewis, Director/Supervising Producer
“I would say the #1 tip for succeeding at my job would be to always be honest. It helps things move much smoother when you are honest to people. A no-bullshit policy should always be in effect. Unfortunately in our business it isn’t always the case. Other then that, just plan for the worst with a production, and it can only get better!”
Damon Vinyard, Integrated Producer